Moof Fur

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Moof Fur is a super thick cloud slime with little to no residue. The drizzles are out of this world! It is scented just like fluffy cotton candy! It is topped with star sprinkles, pink holographic glitter and an assorted charm.

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3 reviews for Moof Fur

  1. Charlotte

    This slime is the best in the business! It is the best cloud slime I have ever bought!! It is well priced and smells fantastic!

  2. Mariana Attardo

    I would highly recommend this product. This slime is a perfect way to destress safely (no worries of borax burns) and smells literally AMAZING!!

  3. Emma

    This is the best slime I have EVER played with! It’s satisfying, colourful, and well priced! I’m going to ask for more of this slime for my Birthday! Also, this slime is Borax free, which is really good! All the slimes that I’ve tried to make without Borax turn out all sticky, but moof goop isn’t sticky at all! Anyways, I think this slime is the best in the business, and to get more information about the new slime they release, follow their Instagram! @moofgoop #Bestslimeever #5stars #AWESOME #Wouldbuyagain

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